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April 7, 2003

Uh, who writes that weblog?

Lots of weblogs have catchy names that have stuck in my head: a klog apart, In My Experience, slam, b.cognosco (formerly Blunt Force Trauma - a great name!), and so on. But with the exception of blogs run by old colleagues (quotidian and Nicest of the Damned), I find it hard to remember the names of the people who run these blogs. Jon's Radio (now titled Jon Udell's Weblog) works, because I can remember it's Jon Udell. This lack of connection to the the person's name is unfortunate, because one of the draws of weblogs is attaching a name to the all the elements of a website - the written style, the look and feel, the essence of the person that comes out in what and how they write.

I toyed briefly with calling this weblog From the Blue Penguin. That's cute, but I'm not a blue penguin, and although I like them well enough, penguins have no real fascination for me.

I'm going to punt. If it's good enough for Jon Udell, Paul Holbrook's Weblog is good enough for me.

Oh, and just to give myself a shot at remembering these: "a klog apart" is Phil Wolff, "in my experience" is Daniel Kapusta, "slam" is Marc Barrot, and "b.cognosco" is Terry Frazier. (Actually, I did remember Terry, but that's almost certainly because we've met in person.)

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I purposely downplay who I am on my blog. Too often I find that the personality certain blogs *cough-zeldman-cough* overshadow the content or color it too much.

I've been attempting to write in a casual style that creates somewhat self sufficient posts, but nothing exists in a vacuum, so I put a tiny link under the post titles.

I'm just glad the name of the site is sitcking in your mind :)