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August 31, 2003

Al Franken's book - no discount at Costco?

Costco and the other "big box" retailers are an increasing part of the retail book market. From my view, Costco tends to have a mild conservative slant in the books they carry; that's perhaps a stereotype, but it's my perception.

Costco has been carrying the Ann Coulter book at their usual 35-40% off. I was wondering if they were going to carry Al Franken's new book - Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them - which is of a decidedly more liberal slant.

I was in Costco this afternoon, and they did have Franken's book - but at full list price of $24.95. I don't know if that was a misprint, but given that I've never seen another book in Costco at full price before, the mind wonders ...

9/10/03 Just picked up a copy tonight in Southern CA for $14.99. So the full price in Atlanta was probably a mistake. (Or perhaps the more-left leaning Californians get a cheaper price ...? Nah ...)