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June 4, 2008

Now on centos 5.1

My VPS server is now on CentOS 5.1, moved up from CentOS 4.6.  

My server is hosted on RapidVPS.com, a virtual hosting provider.  Since going to CentOS 5 is a major upgrade, the safest way to do it was to create a new virtual server, install it clean with CentOS 5.1, and migrate services over one by one.   

I love virtual servers.  Doing the migration by creating a new server was much less stressful and less hassle than upgrading a physical server in place. 

The cost was creating another virtual server, but I could do that for extra $12 a month on RapidVPS.  And once the migration is done, I kill the older server and go back to paying for a single server.