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April 7, 2003

This weblog has moved (the other side)

This weblog has moved to a new, permanent location: weblog.bluepenguin.us.

I have two new RSS feeds: an RSS 2.0 feed with the full contents of each post, and an an RSS 1.0 feed with abbreviated posts.

Important note: the old location where my weblog was hosted (radio.weblogs.com/0106188/) will disappear on May 1st, 2003 when my annual hosting agreement with Userland expires. Please update to my new site ASAP.

I've moved all my content over this new site, where it appears in somewhat different locations. However, to make it easy to preserve links, you can also use the old URLs (with the new hostname, of course) at my new site. For example, my essay on VMware which was at http://radio.weblogs.com/0106188/stories/2002/10/08/vmwareMyNewBestFriend.html will also be found at http://weblog.bluepenguin.us/0106188/stories/2002/10/08/vmwareMyNewBestFriend.html.

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Thanks for the nice e-mail, Paul. I've used your moving as an excuse to beat a dead horse.