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March 3, 2004

Going home

I'm going home back to Atlanta in 9 days. And this time, I'll be home to stay.

I've been working for Earthlink out here in Pasadena for the past nine months in the production system adminstration side of the house: working with all the sys admins who keep the 600+ servers out here running. It's been interesting work.

But it's also become clear that my heart is still in Atlanta. My family hasn't moved out here yet; so when an opportunity with Earthlink back in Atlanta presented itself a couple of weeks ago, I said Yes.

I'm going to be managing a small team that interfaces between the production SAs and the development organization that builds our "portal" products - our "personal start page"and our webmail interface.

I've been out here in CA by myself since February 2nd. I will be so glad to see my family again, and to be back home.

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Paul, sounds like a welcome move home - though I suppose there are no flocks of feral parrots in Atlanta.

(Here in Ann Arbor the flocks tend to be eerie collections of crows. Nevermore.)