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June 12, 2002

SportsLine baseball division race chart

Up until this year, EPSN had a neat feature that displayed the various baseball division races as a graph. The graph typically showed how many games over .500 each team was. It was a very clear visual way to see how a team's fortunes rise and fall over the season: you could really see it when I team made a sustained run. ESPN dropped that feature this season, but now Sportsline has picked it up. Check out the Sportsline MLB standings, and click 'Race Chart' in the header of one of the divisions.

Caveats: it's a Java app, and further more it seems to lock up Mozilla when I try to close the window. Works ok in IE, though.  [Later note:] What seems to kill Mozilla is trying to deal with the popup window.  If you use this direct link to the Race Charts, Mozilla seems to be able to cope when you close the window.

9/10/03: You can find race charts at http://www.baseballgraphs.com/. They don't seem to be kept up to date every day, but it's better than nothing. Thanks to Nick Adami for finding this and pointing it out to me.
11/28/04: And the baseball season is over, but ESPN had the race charts this year. Hopefully they'll come back again next year ...

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Do you know of anywhere to get these charts now?