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April 16, 2002

Sun tea jars and sun tea recipes

It's coming up that time of year: time to get out the sun tea jar.  For the last few years, our problem has been where to find them.  Like the yellow pollen off the pine trees in Atlanta this time of year, there seem to be a few weeks where they're all over town, but outside of that brief period, you can't find them.

Last September we broke one of glass sun tea jars, and after searching around town in vain, we spent two hours searching before finally buying two of them from Kitchen Etc. After all that, they ended up being plastic jugs.  We bought two, and we've managed to melt one in the dishwasher.  (Yeah, yeah, you're not supposed to put them in the dishwasher.)

Last week we found some very ugly glass jars in our local Kroger, and we bought them.  For future reference, they claim to be Golden Harvest Beverage Tapper Containers, made by Hearthmark, Inc, of Muncie Indiana.

Here's our sun tea recipe:
1 gallon cold water in sun tea jar
9 standard sized bags Lipton tea (the ordinary bags)
3 standard sized bags Lipton orange-and-spice tea bags.
Put bags in jar, cover jar with lid, and put in the sun for 5-6 hours. 

This makes tea that may be a bit strong for some; the normal recommendation is 9 normal-sized tea bags brewed for 3-4 hours.

Fair warning: I like this tea pretty well, but I made some for an office Thanksgiving party, and the VP in charge of my group was heard to say that he hated it.  I was laid off 5 weeks later.  Coincidence?

We also like 'American' ice tea bags from Stash Tea, but they're pretty pricey at $4.25 for two gallon bags.  (I guess that's no worse than Coke.)


I found Sun Tea jars with the spicket for $3.99 at my local grocery. They are decorated jars. Sorry you had trouble getting one locally.

I have used (glass) sun tea jars for years and prefer the jars with no spigots but have had no luck finding any. Wal Mart only has the jars with spigots. Can I order the jars directly from Hearthmark, Inc?

Thank you,
Gerry Hargis

I use a 1 gal pickle jar from the grocery. It costs 3.99 and has no spout. I guess I got free pickles!!

My last suntea jar was good, and was a gallon jug.
It eventually more or less wore out.
I buy a new one and it is far short of a gallon maybe 1 and 3/4).
Why do these gallis excreta companies keep doing things like this. How come they can't give me a "gallon" jar? What's the purpose of being so anoyingly cheap?
I would gladly pay the extra buck or two for a "Gallon" jug. And they could make an extra buck or two.
Damn, this pisses me off.
Cheap, chickenshit, garbage.
Maybe this kind of cheapness is what pissed Hitler off.
Anybody know where I can buy a lagitimate "GALLON" sized tea jar.