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November 1, 2007

My back says 'thank you' - a new chair

For years, I've been using Lifetime folding chairs as computer chairs at home.  They're relatively affordable - perhaps $35 - and quite good as folding chairs go.  No more.  Last night I bought myself an Steelcase Leap chair.

At work, I've sat in Aeron chairs for the past 10+ years.  They're good, but it took me a while to discover that the Aeron chair has one nasty flaw - the mesh fabric is abrasive.  I started getting holes in the seat of some of my khaki pants, and I finally figured it out - that's where my wallet is.  (And I have a very thin wallet - the ALL-ETT, which despite the weird name, is quite good.)

The wide consensus is that you get what you pay for in an office chair, and that really you can't get a decent chair for less than $500.  The Leap chair isn't cheap - mine cost $800, but it should last a long time.

I bought mine at Sam Flax in Atlanta.  I think of them as an art suppy store, but they carry office furniture, and they service what they sell - if I have a problem, I can take it back to them.