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November 28, 2007

Changing my Kindle order to next-day delivery moves me up the list

I was paying close attention November 19th when Amazon announced their Kindle reading device.  In the morning, you could order the Kindle for next day delivery, but as the day went on, the delivery date starting stretching out.  That evening I wasn't sure if I wanted one, but I decided to put my order in to hold a place in line.  With 2 day delivery, Amazon said I would get my Kindle Tuesday December 4th.

I'm an Amazon Prime member, so changing the order to overnight delivery is only an extra $3.99, so I decided to change the Kindle order to see if it would change my delivery date.  I expected Amazon to immediately come back and say I'd get it one day early - next Monday - but instead, Amazon said to check back later for a delivery date.

I check this morning, and it says my delivery date is November 29th - tomorrow!  Changing to overnight clearly moved me up in the queue.

Techdirt reported last week that Amazon has a patent on juggling delivery dates based on the value of orders they expect you to place. Interesting ....