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February 25, 2006

There's so much more room on the ceiling ....

I remember trying to arrange too much stuff in a room with not enough space, looking up at the ceiling, and thinking it would be so much easier if we could just use the space up there as well.

I was reminded of this by our recent visit to the new Georgia Aquarium. The main tank is 20-35 feet deep, and as you watch all the fish going by, it's striking how they move but don't seem to get in each other's way. Schools of fish glide in one direction, and above them may pass manta rays, while a shark moves beneath. It reminded me those scenes in the Star Wars movies of Courasant, the capital city. Lines of vehicles gliding through the air at different levels, criss-crossing but not colliding because of the additional dimension.

How impoverished we seem: restricted to our two dimensional place in the world. How much different would it be if we could use that third dimension? "You'll love this house, Mr and Mrs. Smith .. look at this vaulted ceiling - you have a good 1500 cubic feet in the dining room."