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February 15, 2006

Boatloads of pictures

I like to take lots of pictures. The evidence: Photoshop Elements tells me I have 18,750 pictures dating back to September of 2000. That number is slightly inflated; there are perhaps a few hundred pictures that are from other sources and a few duplicates. And my kids took several hundred pictures. But that's still a lot of pictures

The breakdown:


2002 was low I was camera-less from January to October of that year when I bought my Canon G2.
Before that I was using one that belonged to work.

In 2003 I must have been thrilled to have my own camera, because I went a little nuts.

That's about 30 gigs or so of pictures. They're almost all jpegs; I haven't done much work in raw. Raw pictures take about 2.5 times more space than jpegs.

At any rate, I just bought a 250 gig drive to keep up with them. That should hold me for a while.