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March 26, 2005

Matt's art: someone finally snapped

Over the years, and a bit to my surprise, over the years my son Matt has developed interest in art - particularly in photography.

He's had his pictures on my photography website for a while, but more recently, he's started to contribute to a community/site called deviantART. He has his own area on deviantART - and he's done some interesting work using Photoshop Elements, taking what were some fairly ordinary pictures and making something more striking out of them.

Yesterday he came up with something new - two deviations as they are called - The Witch Is Dead, and someone finally snapped. Both are .. umm .. perhaps a little tasteless, but are funny, and he created them himself - cribbing a well-known graphic off the net and playing with it in Photoshop. I'm impressed.

He's always checking on deviantART to see how many pageviews his art has received - 391 right now - so hopefully this will drive a few more.