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December 15, 2003

Philadelphia: a short visit and a few pictures

I went to Philadelphia last week for an off-site meeting for work. (Philadelphia was chosen to be away from everyone's home base.)

I've never been to Philadelphia, and I haven't given it much regard as a place to visit. For that matter, I have the typical lack of knowledge of someone raised on the opposite coast: I had no idea that Philadelphia was at the junction of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

But I was fascinated. Philly is of course the home of Ben Franklin. It was the capital of the US from 1791 until 1800. Not only was the Declaration of Independence written here, and the constitution, but the congress, the Supreme Court, and the president were all based there before they moved to DC. The first public hospital, the first insurance company, first public grammar school, first public library, first botanical gardens .. there's a whole list of firsts. I was impressed. I'd go back again.

At any rate, here are a few picture from Philadelphia. Most of my pictures that would be identifiably from Philly didn't come out, so most of what I've put up are detail shots.