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January 5, 2003

My new domain name: BluePenguin.us

After spending an entire evening trying to come up with a good domain name, I finally made a choice: bluepenguin.us.  (My favorite that I couldn't get was darkmatter - but all domains that I would care to use (org,com,net,us) were take.)  bluepenguin.us isn't the best I could come up with, but it's good enough.  Other possible ones that didn't make it: naughtypenguins, chickswithbricks (Dr. Seuss, but not everyone might know that.)  There was even one that my son really liked, but I objected to as too hard to spell; it was .. no, better not mention it. Maybe it will still be available if he wants to get his own domain.

I used Dotster to register the domain, and DynDNS to host DNS for me.  Dotster seems like a good deal: $12.95/year for a domain, much better than Verisign's $35/year. And they were fast: the domain was active within three hours of signing up.

So changes are coming.  My current (old?) domain is leased from tzo.com - that domain is good until July '03.  I may need to hold onto after that, but my intent is to try to get all email and other traffic off it ASAP.

And now that I have a domain of my own, I'm almost certainly going to give a shot at moving this blog to movabletype on my shiny new domain. The biggest downside, as I've noted before, is that Google now finds Paul Holbrook at radio.weblogs.com, and probably won't find me for a while at a new place.  I might have to go on a mini campaign to get the "good" links to me - like the one from Jon Udell - to point to my new address.   But before I can do the move, I'm going to have to get all my entries out of radio and into a MovableType blog.  I'll say more about that as I find out more.