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January 2, 2003

I want a domain name

I'm looking for a permanent domain name. I've been using mesa.tzo.com for the past 1.5 years, but tzo.com belongs to TZO; they sell me a $25/year where I get a name under their domain that can be used with the dynamic IP addresses provided by Bellsouth on my DSL line.

I bought that service before I discovered DynDNS, who will do that same service for free. Furthermore, for a $30 one-time fee, DynDNS will DNS for your own domain name. I'm already using them for a domain for my wife's small business.

So now I need to find my own domain name. Ideally, I want something that isn't tied to my own name: holbrook.{org|com|net} isn't available; jpholbrook is, but that ties it to me too closely; it wouldn't make sense for other members of the family. It should also be easy to type and spell; I don't want to have the problem my in-laws do ("Halasz; that's Hotel-Alpha-Lima ...")

I'm fond of the the word 'mesa', which is Spanish for table. I've toyed with widemesa, or darkmesa, or some variant of that. I spent a while yesterday looking at New Mexico place names, but all the nifty sounding ones are Spanish. I also don't want one that will feel like a tattoo that you want to get rid of; I suspect my friend who chose fatlazybastards might feel differently about it in a few years. But then, he could just get another domain ...