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January 16, 2003

David Allen's tips for using a Palm

Keith Devans got a Palm IIIe from a friend who got another Palm. Keith notes that he might try configuring his to-do and memo list categories in the way that David Allen suggests (PDF). (David Allen is the author of Getting Things Done.) Allen's tips are actually pretty useful; I used them on my Palm back when I was at CNN and had many more meetings and action items than I do now. I haven't needed them as much this last year.

On a similar note, my Palm Vx died this Fall. I was putting off getting another one, but my two sons went in together and bought a new Vx off eBay. That was more useful to me than getting a newer model, because I had all the accessories for the Vx. (I also don't think any of the newer Palms are really worth the money right now. Not enough improvement over my Vx.)