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August 7, 2002

Dreamweaver Standard

Dreamweaver Standard.

The State of Utah is currently putting together a standards document that will help develop more coordination and interoperability between its departments.  Guidance levels are defined as follows:

Approved: An Approved standard is critical to the Enterprise and will be enforced. The numbers of standards in this category will be minimal.


Best Practices: A Best Practices standard produces superior results for the enterprise.

Agencies are accountable to justify a departure from best practice standards.


De Facto: A De Facto standard identifies choices that are widely accepted because of widespread use within the enterprise whether or not they qualify for an actual Best Practices designation.


Sustained: A Sustained standard indicates a standard or practice that no longer shows

promise but is still used or even expanded because of a prior standards solution.


Migrate From: A Migrate From designation refers to a standard or practice that has been abandoned for a better solution. It is not a favored standard yet continues to be in use around the enterprise. Organizations should plan to migrate away from solutions assigned with this designation


Emerging: Emerging standards may have future value within the enterprise but have

proven no specific benefit at the time. The enterprise may be conducting a pilot project to establish the potential benefits and risks of selecting this standard.

A standard for web design and development has now been defined.  Dreamweaver is listed as the defacto standard, although some agencies still use things like FrontPage.  Standard web development kit items can be found on the State's Enterprise Development Group site.  Matt Brown has put together an excellent Dreamweaver Blog.

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