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July 7, 2002

The intersection between weblogs, wikis, and PIMs

I've found a couple of interesting resources in the cross-section of weblogs and Wikis (and even PIMs, too.)

WikiWeblogPIM is described in the Weblogs Compendium as "page of links on research about things relevant to software that would combine the best features of existing wiki, weblog and PIM software." I guess that's a reasonable description of a very funky looking page. It's produced by John Abbe. John has a weblog called AbbeNormal, which seems to take an inordinately long time to load. (But once it does, clicking between items is pretty fast. ?)

John talks about Tinder Box, a proprietary Mac application that is described as a "personal content managment assistant." If I was a Mac person, and still in my PIM phase, I might try it. (But at $95, I might not .. that's steep. I used to try these kinds of programs regularly, but only when I could get someone else to pay for it.)

In any case, Mark Bernstein is the chief scientist for Eastgate, the company that makes Tinder Box. Mark's weblog points to the Weblog Kitchen, a site devoted to exploring the intersections between weblogs, wikis, and weblogs.