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July 6, 2002

Sites about the Dvorak keyboard

Marcus Brooks has a very nice site devoted to the Dvorak keyboard.

Since I went to work at Tech, I've had some experiences where I've come out with sore arms and wrists. Carpal tunnel time! I attribute it to three factors:

  • I've been working on a laptop for the last month, not a standard raked keyboard.
  • I've spent most of everyday on the laptop: most of my work so far has been on my own.
  • I'm typing more because I'm blogging more.

The Dvorak keyboard wouldn't fix any of that, but I did notice a comment buried somewhere in the site, which I paraphrase: "When I used QWERTY, my hands were numb at the end of the day.  After I used Dvorak, they felt fine."

If you're a user of most any modern OS, it's actually pretty trivial to switch back and forth between Dvorak and QWERTY.

Oh, well.  The time to convert would really have been when I was out of work ...