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July 3, 2002

My google stats

After reading Dave Winer's comment noting that he's now the number one "Dave" on Google, I couldn't resist looking my my stats.

Since I started this weblog (and since Jon Udell and Ed Vielmetti linked to me) I'm the number one "Paul Holbrook" on Google. I have no idea where I am Google's list of "Paul"s; I gave up looking after .. let's see .. 28 screens. I'm number 20 on the list of "Holbrook"s, which isn't too bad. (Holbrook, Arizona takes first place. Yes, we do have a picture of our family in front of the sign at the city limits of Holbrook.)

But the best page about Holbrook is from the Places Named site: here's a list of all the places named Holbrook in the US. That page also informs me that Holbrook is the 1,396th most popular last name.