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July 22, 2002

MovableType under mod_perl

I've finally been able to get Movable Type run under mod_perl. That's useful when you're running MT on an old P133. I was able to do this as a side-effect of upgrading to Debian 3.0: I was able to get to download all the up-to-date libraries I needed to make it work.

I had to make one small tweak that I didn't find in the MT documentation about running under mod_perl. I was using their first setup, which they describe as running MT under Apache::Registry. That almost worked, but when I clicked some MT functions - looking at my templates, for example - Perl complained that it couldn't find my Template.pm library. I had to throw a

use lib '/real/path/to/mt/lib';
into my Apache config file to point to my MT libraries before that would work.

I've also never quite taken the time to learn Apache like I probably should, so it also took me a while to figure out that the <Location> directive mentioned in the MT mod_perl documentation referred to my MT directory as it would appear in a url: IE, <Location /mt>, not <Location /var/www/mt>.