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July 17, 2002

DiveIntoMark: search Amazon from Python

DiveIntoMark has written a piece of software that combines two things I love: Amazon and Python. (Makes sense, right? You expected to find Pe(a)rls in the Amazon?)

Mark has written PyAmazon, a Python wrapper for the just announced Amazon web API. Quoting Mark: "It allows you to search Amazon by keyword, ASIN, UPC, author, artist, actor, director, or manufacturer. You can also browse ListMania lists, browse best sellers by category, or search for similar items. Results are returned as standard Python objects. Open source, Python license. Should work with stock install of Python 2.0 or later."

I once tried writing some Python to scrape Amazon to get book titles back from ISBNs. It was painful. Having Amazon actually let you use the data seems so much more civilized.