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July 12, 2002

An advantage of working at a university

One of the advantages of working at Georgia Tech is that they have wireless access at various places on campus. It's Friday afternoon, and for once it's actually bearable outside. (Atlanta has three good seasons, but this ain't one of them.) My building is a few blocks off campus, so for a change of pace I pack up my laptop and walk over towards the student center. There's a little coffee place called CyberBuzz there with that has a wireless hub, and Macs for those without a machine of their own. That was the plan, anyway.

Problem #1: CyberBuzz is closed. I guess students don't need coffee at 3:45pm. (At least not in the summer.) That's ok, because CyberBuzz has a little patio outside with tables and chairs, and I've been thinking of sitting there all along.

Problem #2: The chairs are locked up. The tables are still out, but without a chair, they don't do me much good. There are a couple of benches near by, but using a laptop isn't a whole lot of fun without reasonable back support. I spy a metal folding chair sitting next to a table, so I decide to sit down.

Problem #3: the chair has a plastic cover over a foam cushion. It's been raining. The back of my pants are now soaked.

I walk into one of the student services buildings. There are armchairs, and they don't look wet. I sit down in one.

The wireless connection is strong. My pants are drying. And it's Friday afternoon. I'm ok.