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June 22, 2002

Experince Using MovableType for work at a University

I've started to use Movable Type for a work-focused weblog.  It's an interesting experience: I started this web log when I was between jobs, so I didn't have to think about the division between work and non-work life.  But I must have been infected by all the walk about K-Blogs and knowledge managment, so I'm going to give it a try.  Starting another blog made sense, because the all the details of the projects I'm working on at Tech don't really fit well with the more personal, observational orientation of my Radio blog.

I'm not using Radio for a couple of reasons:

  • I'm still a temp (no benefits) employee at Georgia Tech, which means I don't have many resouces.  Movable Type is free, so I don't have to worry about getting someone to reimburse me for a copy of Radio. 
  • Second, since this is a work blog, I don't really want to expose it to the world at large.  Radio seems a little more appropriate for something that wants to fit into a larger community. I'm not going to link it here for that reason.
  • Finally, I just wanted a chance to try Movable Type.  It's a nice system.

I'll have more reaction to Movable Type when I get some experience under my belt, but so far I have a couple of first impressions.  Radio seems to be easier to get started with, but Movable Type seems to be more straightforward to do simple customizations on.  Radio is probably ultimately more powerful in that area, but MT has a reasonably-well documented template language that gives you a fair amount of power.