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June 28, 2002

Down the rabbit hole

Sometimes following other people's blogs is like talking to someone who won't shut up: you ask one question, and you're in for a 15 minute answer. Well, it's a little like that, except it's not: it's a lot more interesting. Case in point: I pulled a little piece out of my news aggregator this morning on a k-log pilot experiment, and many hours later, I'm left with a pile on interesting pages scattered around my screen that I'm trying to make sense of. (I can't even remember where I found the reference to the k-log item; it's already gone from my aggregator.)

The k-log item came from David Gammel's High Context k-log. Gammel's log was a font of other interesting stuff, including the Phil Wolff piece on klogging vs the 11 deadly KM sins, which I've already blogged.

It also included this innocent looking little item:

Faceted Classification.


Faceted classification of information and The business requirements for classifying content. Here's more. (via IASlash)

These articles look great at a quick glance. I'll pull out some nuggets later after I've had time to review them more closely.

[High Context]

and that lead to a bunch of interesting stuff, including having me pull a book off my shelf that I've had for a while but haven't really read: The Knowledge Managment Toolkit: Practical Techniques for Building a Knowledge Management System In a touch of serendipity, Phil Wolff had a note about the second edition of that book which will be coming out anytime.

Somewhere along the way I found a pointer to a Wiki on kblogs and that was a rabbit hole all by itself.

Six hours and a lot of blog posts later .. where has the day gone?