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April 12, 2002

Searching pages in IE 6 history list

If you open the History bar under IE 6.0 (control-H will get you there), there's a Search button at the top.  If you click it, you can search through the pages in your history.  More to the point, the search goes against the content of the pages, not just the title or URL.  I assume you must also have the page in your local cache. 

Still, this is a pretty powerful tool.  I haven't tried it on earlier versions of IE. I note that Netscape 6.2 on the Mac has a history search, but it only covers page titles and URL components.

I found this in, of all places, a book called The Usborne Guide to Homework on the Internet. Usborne books are children's books that are sold mostly through home shows. (Some titles are also available through commercial booksellers, though I didn't happen to see this title yet.)