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April 15, 2002

Radio tutorials

Wow Scott Johnson has been writing some great Radio tutorials. Off to dinner now. I'll read them tomorrow.  [Scripting News]

Here are some resources. http://www.fuzzygroup.com/writing/radiouserland_part01.htm http://www.fuzzygroup.com/writing/radiouserland_part02.htm http://www.fuzzygroup.com/writing/radiouserland_faq.htm http://www.fuzzygroup.com/writing/radiouserland_rcs_stepbystep_01.htm http://www.fuzzygroup.com/writing/radiouserland_radioexposed.htm

Some are still draft but there is a lot of information. See Russ's stuff too. I'm more documentation, he's more big picture, conceptual.

The bandwidth issues that I have seen are tied to Instant Outlining. I generated over 5,000 hits PER DAY on an html page on my own site when I stuck in my IO. It was a php routine that generated OPML of PHP questions.

If you have trouble finding stuff in the posts, here is a tool.

http://www.fuzzygroup.com/radiosearch/ (google boxes preset to search only Radio or only UserLand).