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April 29, 2002

mgmt notes

Managing.com. What impact will networked economy have on the day to day challenges of managing? As big business takes up the entrepreneurial challenge of new technologies and new enterprises face up to the fundamentals of business, managers everywhere are doing things differently. Now, all companies will become web companies and learn how to communicate with customers through digital interfaces.Managing.com combines the energy and opportunity of starting up, with the practical challenges of leading people and business in times of turbulent change. A mix of tactical insight, personal effectiveness and inspiration-this is a handbook for wired managers and entrepreneurial companies everywhere. [O'Reilly Safari]

How To Run Successful Projects III: The Silver Bullet. Many project managers-especially in software-go their entire professional lives in ignorance of the factors behind the success or failure of their projects. Permanently in a state of agitation and worry, they just can’t explain why some projects work out and others don’t.It doesn’t have to be like this. There is a method underlying all successful projects, and if you follow this method your project is guaranteed to succeed. We have called this method Structured Project Management. The cornerstone of Structured Project Management is the ’Ten Steps’-the first five steps are to do with planning your project and the other five with implementing the plan and achieving the goal. How to Run Successful Projects III-The Silver Bullet builds on the success of the first and second editions and reminds us all, in the post dot com era, just how important good project management practices are