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April 25, 2002

Can ZOË make my mail intertwingly?

Can ZOË make my mail intertwingly?. Via Prof Avery, I just found ZOË, a program that aims to make your email more accessible by indexing it and giving you a variety of ways to get at it.  From the ZOË manifesto:

The goal here is to do for email (starting with your personal mailbox) what Google did for the web... The Google principle: It doesn't matter where information is because I can get to it with a keystroke.

So what is Zoe? Think about it as a sort of librarian, tirelessly, continuously, processing, slicing, indexing, organizing, your messages. The end result is this intertwingled web of information. Messages put in context. Your very own knowledge base accessible at your fingertip. No more "attending to" your messages. The messages organization is done automatically for you so as to not have the need to "manage" your email. Because once information is available at a keystroke, it doesn't matter in which folder you happened to file it two years ago. There is no folder. The information is always there. Accessible when you need it. In context.

Thanks to [0xDECAFBAD: Because a day without caffeine is no day at all.]

I've downloaded it, but not tried it yet; making anything work with Java is a pain.  I have no less than five copies of java.exe on my Win2k system.

(Zoe (forget the weird characters) looks like a clever idea, but all the documentation that exists is a bare FAQ.   Perhaps this will point the way towards someone else who will do the same thing in a more useful way, preferably in open source, and something that might work on a Linux box.

I do love the reference to Ted Nelson: as he says, "Everything is deeply intertwingled."