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April 18, 2002

Audit Slams Oracle

Audit Slams Oracle Pact [The Sacramento Bee, via Slashdot]

I was actually posting this in order to make a glib comment about why SLS is abandoning Oracle, but instead I was completely taken in by The Sacramento Bee's navigation and usability features. While the text size of most of the navigation on the page has too high of a squint factor, check out the IHT-like bar on the left-hand side of the page that lets you enlarge or decrease the text size of the article, toggle the typeface between serif and sans-serif, email the page, print the page, find more stories by the writer, sign up for newsletters or wireless alerts, or make the SacBee your home page. Click on the first icon for "info" and a legend appears above the story.

I'd like to see them add an icon to the toolbar for finding the most popular stories, but overall, very slick and nicely done!

[The Shifted Librarian]